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Since 2011

We are proud to introduce CHASKY TEXTIL a Peruvian company dedicated to the elaboration of textile garments with natural fibers from the material of baby alpaca, alpaca, and cotton.

Our garments are made by local textile artisans based on fair trade in this way we revive our creativity by supporting families and boosting the local economy by giving opportunities to talented people as well as keeping our traditions alive which earns us respect and recognition.

selective focus photography of llama during daytime
I am Oscar Rene Yucra Chamby, founder of the company CHASKY TEXTIL and all this learning I owe to my parents who through their methodologies, time, dedication, and patience have managed to penetrate me beyond information and have managed to inspire and motivate me to To achieve my goals, for this, I am always grateful to them because their teachings I am obliged to apply to make the CHASKY TEXTIL company a sustainable engine for all the people who work in the company
Oscar Yucra